About ChilliEd

I believe that everyone in the world should sample the power of capsicum.

My first real chilli experience happened in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1987. It was there that an Arab market trader offered me a sample of one of his chilli wares. I trustingly chomped into the raw, green, fiery beast and... bang...next thing I knew my head and my insides were on fire. I tried to style it out but seconds later I crumbled to the floor, a tear-stained shivering Western wreck. I have been a chilli fiend ever since.   

ChilliEd began when I was chatting with friends about the inconvenience of finding hot, quality chillies. So I doned a silly hat and decided to sort this dilemma out myself and ChilliEd was created: a simple, on-line chilli shop with an eclectic twist of other quality products to make life easier for like-minded chilli lovers to buy some dynomite chillies.
You can buy chillies at a competitive price, with a little bit of ChilliEd creative love thrown in for good measure. This has also given me a platform to shout about my passion for the fruit. And there is lots to shout about, please see the benefits of these fiery beasts below. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy providing them.



The benefits of chilli peppers:


More about ChilliEd:

Eddie Webber is an actor and writer. He is best known for his roles in the cult British movies: The Business, The Firm and Big Fat Gypsy Gangster. His autobiography, Hi Diddle Dee Dee, has recently been published. For more details see the 'Other Products' page on this website.