Three Carolina Reapers, three Trinidad Scorpions and three Naga Ghost Chillies, all of which go into the Mixed Chilli Bag
Our mixed chilli bag showing the chillies inside and the card that comes with this bag of hot chillies.
A comedy picture of the grim reaper with a Carolina Reaper hot chilli pepper as its head
A comedy picture of a Trinidad Scorpion chilli with a Jamaican rasta cap on and smoke coming out of its stalk.
A comedy picture of a ghost with the Naga Ghost Chilli for its head.

A Mixed Chilli Bag

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A 12g bag of our three fiendish chillies.

The mixed bags are perfect for those who love extreme heat. The mix of our three chillies define the concept of chilli madness. Three of the hottest chillies in the world, an amazing gift for a chilli head who has everything. You can't put a value on capsicum heaven.

Great Birthday, Valentine's, Christmas or even Halloween gifts if you fancy playing a HOT reaper prank!!