A pile of the capsicum-filled Carolina Reaper chillies
A comedy picture of the grim reaper with a Carolina Reaper hot chilli pepper as its head

Carolina Reaper Chilli

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A 10g bag of Carolina Reapers.

The Carolina Reaper is in the Guinness book of records at 2.2 million scoville heat units.  The pepper is red and gnarled with a small pointed tail and reputed to be the devil of all capsicums. “Baby fear the Reaper”

How hot is the Carolina Reaper?

Uncontrollable snot and saliva hot. Carolina Reapers range from 1,400,000 scoville heat units to a mind-bending 2,200,000. That's as hot as standard pepper spray. This reaper, when it waves its sickle, is a force on the SHU, a step above the Trinidad  Scorpion.